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OUTSIDERS FILMS’ mission has always been to carry artistic talent all the way to the finish line, sometimes seeking it out where it is least expected, and always making it blossom with the respect it deserves. The artist is at the forefront : mutual respect, the value of teamwork, the pleasure of new acquaintances and boldness – these are our founding values, and they are reflected in our films. Whatever the subject matter or genre, our productions speak of hope and humanity : these are what we hold most dear.


At OUTSIDERS FILMS, we celebrate spontaneity and we also value enduring relationships. A product of the association between two producers with atypical but convergent paths, the young company stands out from the crowd by its focus on people and a profound respect for the creative process.

Five popular book titles are currently being adapted at OUTSIDERS FILMS. First, author Matthieu Simard is penning a screenplay based on his successful novel “Ça sent la coupe”, to be directed by Patrice Sauvé (“Vertige”, “Grande Ourse”) at the beginning of 2014. Authors Anabel Soutar and Alex Ivanovici are hard at work on a screenplay from their standout play “Sexy Béton”, to be directed by Lyne Charlebois (“Borderline”). OUTSIDERS FILMS has also acquired the rights to the popular novel “Il pleuvait des oiseaux” by Jocelyne Saucier, which will be brought to the big screen by screenwriter Catherine Léger and directed by Louise Archambault (“Familia”, “Gabrielle”). The producers also own the cinematographic rights for the novels “Hadassa” by Myriam Beaudoin and “The Wife’s Tale” by Lori Lansens.

In 2012, OUTSIDERS FILMS released “Le vieil âge et le rire” by Fernand Dansereau, a touching exploration of the experience of aging, which went on to receive the Audience Choice Award at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois before appearing on screens all across Québec.

The company’s previous documentary, ”BOMBARDIER : sur les sentiers de ma famille” by Nathalie Bissonnette, explores the lives of inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier and entrepreneur Laurent Beaudoin, two architects of greatness. Completed in 2010, the film was broadcasted on Radio-Canada and RDI.

In addition to their projects for the big screen, producers Ginette Petit and Nathalie Bissonnette are developing various projects for television and new media. They are exploring fiction as well as the documentary form in the pursuit of their Outsiders Films’ primary mission : telling stories that matter.


ginette petit

Petit_Ginette_Photo_Juin 2014

With over twenty years of film production experience, producer Ginette Petit currently has half a dozen features and over five hundred shorts to her name. Known for her attention to detail and her infectious enthusiasm, Ginette Petit takes a unique creative-based approach, reinforced by a deep understanding of the artistic process.

In addition to her activities with Outsiders Films, which she founded in 1994, she has also worked for many years as a producer on numerous feature films with other production companies such as Bloom Films and Christal Films. Over the past few years she’s been involved in the production of several features, including Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette’s Le ring (2007), Stefan Pleszczynski and Bernadette Gogula’s L’espérance (2002), Jean Beaudin’s Le collectionneur (2001) and Claude Massot’s Kabloonak (1994).

Eager to motivate others, Ginette Petit also spent nine years as director of the film program offered by l’Inis, and played an active role in the program’s redevelopment in 2002. Starting as a guest producer and mentor, she produced five hundred shorts for l’Inis between 1997 and 2012, reaping an assortment of prizes worldwide and launching the careers of several young directors including Frédéric Ouellet, Yan Lanouette-Turgeon and Chloé Robichaud.

In 2004, she joined forces with Nathalie Bissonnette to produce a documentary called Bombardier: sur les sentiers de ma famille, and began developing numerous projects for both the big screen and television.

In 2012, Ginette Petit decided to leave l’Inis in order to focus her efforts entirely on Outsiders Films. That same year, she produced Le vieil âge et le rire, a heartfelt documentary about growing old, directed by filmmaker Fernand Dansereau. The film took home the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois and screened for six weeks at Cinéma Beaubien before winning the APCQ’s Coup de cœur award (Association des propriétaires de cinémas du Québec). She simultaneously embarked on new ventures in feature film, acquiring the rights to an assortment of successful works: first, the novel Ça sent la coupe, currently being adapted into a screenplay by author Matthieu Simard for director Patrice Sauvé; Hadassa, a novel by Myriam Beaudoin; Sexy Béton, the hit play adapted for the big screen by authors Annabel Soutar and Alex Ivanovici for director Lyne Charlebois; and lastly, Jocelyne Saucier’s novel Il pleuvait des oiseaux, which is being adapted for film by Catherine Léger and will be directed by Louise Archambault.

Ginette Petit also serves as a board member for the AQPM.

ginette petit, producer

nathalie bissonnette

Nathalie Bissonnette_fifa

Trained in business administration and with successful endeavours in theatre and advertising under her belt, Nathalie Bissonette now devotes her time to film and television production. She has served as executive producer for Outsiders Films since 2004.

From 1987 to 1992, Nathalie Bissonnette worked in the advertising industry as project manager for several agencies, including Cossette Communication-Marketing and Young & Rubicam. She then shifted her focus to theatre; after receiving formal training in the US and Europe, she contributed to several stage productions, eventually signing on as director for a New York production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

In 2001, Nathalie Bissonnette returned to Montreal to tackle yet another ambitious project: the transformation of the J. Armand Bombardier Museum website, for which she served as both producer and artistic director.

In 2004, she collaborated with colleague Ginette Petit to direct and produce Bombardier: sur les sentiers de ma famille, an intimate documentary that explores the life and career of her grandfather, Joseph-Armand Bombardier. The film screened at Radio-Canada’s Grand Reportages and aired on RDI.

Starting in 2005, she tackled four new film projects: the novel Ça sent la coupe by Matthieu Simard, who is adapting it for the director Patrice Sauvé; Hadassa, another novel, written by Myriam Beaudoin; Sexy Béton, the hit play adapted for the big screen by authors Annabel Soutar and Alex Ivanovici, to be directed by Lyne Charlebois; and lastly, the novel Il pleuvait des oiseaux by Jocelyne Saucier, with a screenplay by Catherine Léger for the director Louise Archambault.

In 2011, along with partner Ginette Petit, Nathalie produced a touching documentary entitled Le vieil âge et le rire, directed by Fernand Dansereau, which examines the ups and downs of growing old. The film took home the Viewers’ Choice award at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois and screened at Cinéma Beaubien for six weeks. It went on to win the APCQ’s (Association des propriétaires de cinémas du Québec) Coup de coeur award in January 2013.

As executive producer, Nathalie Bissonnette now oversees business development for Outsiders Films. Her keen interest in new filmmaking practices and emerging technologies has paved the way for new partnerships and markets for the company, and has also led her to the exploration of new funding opportunities.

Nathalie Bissonnette serves as board member for the Foundation J. Armand Bombardier.

nathalie bissonnette, producer