Based on the novel by Myriam Beaudoin

Screenplay/directed by to be determined
Distribution Les Films Séville
Producers Ginette Petit and Nathalie Bissonnette
Associate Producer Yves Beauchesne
in funding


Hadassa is inspired by Myriam Beaudoin’s novel of the same title, published by LEMÉAC in 2006.

Over the course of a school year, a young woman teaching French at an all-girls Hassidic Jewish institute becomes familiar with a strange new world, appealing despite being shrouded in mystery and taboo. The teacher forms a special bond with the brooding, fragile young dreamer Hadassa, whose curiosity about the outside world marks her as different in a school that insists on strict conformity.

Meanwhile, out in the community, a romance is being ignited between a young, recently immigrated Polish grocer and a married Hassidic woman terrified by the fiery passion she feels burning inside her. We’re forced to take a hard look at the price of freedom we so often take for granted. Funny and heartwarming, lively and nostalgic, Hadassa is a story of respect and openness, in which the relaxed values of the West come face-to-face with an ancient culture that will do whatever it takes to protect its own, even if it means closing in on itself…