feature film Drama 90 minutes

Based on the play by Annabel Soutar

Screenplay by Catherine Léger
Script Consultants Annabel Soutar, Alex Ivanovici, Lyne Charlebois
Directed by Lyne Charlebois
Producers Ginette Petit and Nathalie Bissonnette
in funding


Sexy Béton is based on Annabel Soutar’s play of the same name.

Actors Brett and Maude find their curiosity piqued by the story of a local bridge collapse that has left five residents dead. Once they learn that the people who oversaw the bridge’s construction and were in charge of maintaining it are refusing to take any responsibility, they set out on an investigation of their own. They meet the victims whose lives were shattered by the case but soon, their journey steers them elsewhere: behind the closed doors of elite boardrooms among the city’s richest and most powerful, where whispers of mafia conspiracy and construction industry corruption cloud their hunt for the truth.

At each step along the way, the concrete nature of their subject matter seems to get in the way of their mission to create a sexy, dramatic story. They want to find out who is responsible for the bridge collapse so that innocent lives can be saved. In the end, they arrive at the conclusion that the bridge collapse is in fact just another part of an unfair, twisted world. And who knows, could they somehow be partly to blame for this collective failure?

Ripped from today’s headlines, Sexy Béton is a political thriller that also offers a haunting peek into our shared past.