Space Cadet

Feature Animation Film 80 minutes + Short Films (7 x 10') + Web experience + Immersive Interactive Installation + Musical Performance drama

Based on the graphic novel by KID KOALA

screenwriter Mylène Chollet
director Eric San (Kid Koala)
associated producer Ryhna Thompson
Storyboardist and Art director Lillian Chan
producers Ginette Petit and Nathalie Bissonnette
in development


ROBOT has existed to serve only one purpose: to raise GIRL into the happy, brilliant scientist she is today. But now the young Space Cadet is departing on her first mission to the stars, and ROBOT is left alone and without anyone to care for.

Content in the knowledge that she is living out her dream and will one day return to him, ROBOT finds it nonetheless difficult to occupy his days during GIRL’s absence…. and soon, the ailing effects of time, and loneliness, will take their toll on his aging technological frame.

As ROBOT tries to tame his solitude and GIRL’s exciting mission grows endless, both will face the challenge of being apart in their own way, learning in turn that revisiting the past is often a journey from which we don’t return unscathed.

A musical fable about memory and legacy, Space Cadet is an uplifting coming of age story that reminds us of the enduring nature of what we leave behind.



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